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CIAIEChina International Aromatic Industry Exhibition (abb. CIAIE) is the only specialised platform which covers full chain of aromatic industry in China.

The past exhibition of 2017 has included complete lines of aroma industry, from growing, processing, applying and branding as well as KouDou. There are brands which are from companies of Egypt, Morocco, France, India, Nepal, U.K., Germany, Iran, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. Meanwhile, there are over 140 domestic companies present their products from provinces and cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Canton, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Gansu, Shenzhen, Sichuan, Xijiang, Yunnan and Fujian.

During the exhibition, different forums have been organized ranging from the “Organic Growing of Rose and Lavender and Their Extraction”, “The Dialectical Relationship Between Extraction and Application of Aromatic Plants and Medicinal Plants”, “The Commercialization of Aromatic Products”, etc. The discussion during the forums lay theoretical foundation to the future development of Chinese aromatic industry.

This growing participation of professional aromatic products companies has drawn in many visitors of aromatic profession. Furthermore, there are over 5000 purchasers from the fields of the cosmetics, beauty salon, the pharmaceutical, luxury hotels and clubs, health management institutions and aromatic media. They highly approve the professionalism of this exhibition. Their approval support the sustainable and healthy development of CIAIE.

China International Aromatic Industry (Kunshan) Exhibition
Time: 13-15th April 2018
Place: Kunshan Convention & Exhibition Centerscale
Sponsors: China Chamber of International Commerce
Organiser: Beijing Exhibition Co., Ltd. Internatie

Facebook: Aromatic Exhibition China

CIAIE sincerely invites you as a support unit for the event. The cooperation will be as follows:

  1. The CIAIE lists you as a support unit.
  2. You will be marked as one of our support units on the CIAIE’s official website, event invitations, on-site backboard and other publicity materials.
  3. The support units are entitled to organize participation of other enterprises and arrange related activities in accordance with the relevant policies of CIAIE.
  4. The CIAIE does not pay for your support or any other costs.

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