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The AGM of the Asian Aromatherapy conference – Asian Aroma Ingredients Congress (AAC-AAIC) was held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from 23-26th April 2018.  EOPAA has recently joined this association and was presented by EOPAA member Alpha Santanol, by Emilie Bell.

Emilie has provided the following notes. The AGM had 16 attendees from essential oil associations from India, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Australia (i.e. EOPAA). The next conference in China in 2020 will be organized by Lee Yi and team.

The Aromatherapy market growing in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Indonesia. The aim of the AAC-AAIC is to set up an Asian platform for all Asia Pacific associations to help promote each other and local producers to participate in conference and exhibition every 2 years.

The Web site domain: already purchased but the group still need to set up a proper structure with executive committee (with by-laws) and website maintenance. Each association is to send newsletters and info to be included in web site.

The need for associations to pay a membership fee to support web site maintenance and structure is to be discussed at next meeting.

The group voted on keeping the conference to be held every 2 years and not annually; Q2 seems to be best time for all. Up to now, conferences have been held in India, Indonesia and China and may be extend to other countries (e.g. Australia) in the future.

One representative from each association is requested for on-going meeting attendance. Dee-Ann Prather has agreed to be this representative as meetings will be held around trade fairs 1 or 2 times per year.

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