Essential Oil Applications|

Recent studies have shown that eating processed meals increases your risk of becoming sick, getting cancer, and developing other chronic conditions. This has led to the development of healthier substitutes. Because of this, there has been a rise in interest in, and demand for, natural alternatives to synthetic preservatives and additives in consumer goods. Because of this, it’s important to find conservation methods that are just as effective against bacteria and are safe to use around food. Sweet-smelling and therapeutic phytoconstituents known as essential oils (EOs) are just one example of the new natural antibacterial agents that have been discovered in this quest. Generally speaking, the phenolic chemicals found in EOs are responsible for their antibacterial efficacy against a wide variety of microbes and antioxidant activity. EOs have been proven useful in numerous in vitro tests as antibacterial and antioxidant chemicals. Products from the Mediterranean diet are highly valued by shoppers, and preserving them using EOs would be an excellent way to keep them fresh for longer. This review examines prior research regarding the use of EOs as artificial ingredients in the Mediterranean food industry in an attempt to search for healthy ingredients to chemical additives and flavorings.

Applications of Essential Oils in the Food Industry, Elsevier: 79-88.

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