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Agarwood is considered primarily to be a source of fragrant resins which is used in perfumery. However, its medical attributes are equally important but remains overshadowed by the popularity of its aroma, which is attractive both as a flavor and fragrance ingredient as well as for the economic value it posesses. The divide between the Eastern and the Western world with regard to its fragrant versus medicinal use has also restricted R&D in on the medicinal aspect of agarwood. This chapter is an attempt to look at the medicinal side of the fragrant plant. The phytoconstituent profile of agarwood and its use in traditional therapy are reviewed and current research on pharmacological and toxicological aspects is discussed elaborately to give an overview of the present understanding of the medicinal nature of agarwood. The ultimate aim of this effort is to prime and synergise more research thinking on this neglected aspect that can ultimately lead to identification and synthesis of novel medicinal molecules and therapies from agarwood.

Reference: Kalita, P., P. K. Roy and S. Sen (2020). Agarwood: Medicinal Side of the Fragrant Plant. Herbal Medicine in India, Springer: 223-236.

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