Since Summer 2019 EOPAA has been busy applying to Agrifutures for grant funding for a project titled. “Australian Native OiIs: Creation of Industry Standards and R&D Resources”
After receiving a favourable response to our expression of interest placed in late 2018, we were invited to submit a PRP (preliminary research proposal) by March 2019. Following review by the Agrifutures committee we were invited to submit a FRP (Full Research proposal) by April 2019. The FRP has been reviewed by the Agrifutures committee and is pending contract confirmation.

The Agrifutures Emerging Industries programme seeks to support research which will provide growth of over 10 million dollars within 5 years. EOPAA’s proposal is for development of a 10 million dollar per annum industry from Australian Native Oils by:
1) Developing standards for oil quality and identification
2) Creating an R&D database for growers, sellers and buyers of Australian Native Oils which include information to assist with their regulation, marketing and distribution.
3) Developing a seed bank and herbarium reference collection of Australian Native Oil bearing plants.

The project aims to support growth in domestic production of Australian Native oils by providing the technical and R&D resources required to facilitate their trade, promotion and sale. In EOPAA AGM’s over preceding years a number of gaps in information and standardisation of Australian Native oils have been identified as R&D priorities. These priorities have been used to guide the project purpose and objectives.
The successful implementation of this project poses great potential for EOPAA to have a significant influence on growth of Australian Native oil production in Australia, but will require advice, knowledge and support of the EOPAA membership.
At this stage we are interested to hear from full members who would like to be involved in the project steering committee. This grant funding is a great opportunity for EOPAA to make a significant impact on the growth and production of essential oils in Australia.

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