Sandalwood is an important endemic tree in India. The oil in sandalwood, particularly in the heartwood, I is the primary reason for its economic and cultural importance. However, the oil content of heartwood varies greatly between species and even within species. Furthermore, oil concentration varies greatly depending on position where sample is taken. In the present study, we report variations in oil content in a piece of heartwood of a single tree at specified positions both radially and longitudinally from core heartwood to the periphery and from lower side of butt-root to upper side. Further variation in α-santalol and β-santalol content of oil were also estimated. The variation in oil content was found to be in the rangeof0.6–5.67% while the total santalol content ranged from 66.7% to 79.5%. This study is aimed towards analysing the variations in santalol content and oil yield across different axes of tree.

Kumar, R., et al. (2024). “Axial and radial variation in oil yield and santalol content of Santalum album L.(Indian Sandalwood).” International Wood Products Journal:20426445231221066.


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