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Aquilaria malaccensis is a most commercially valuable non timber indigenous tree species of north eastern region. The aim of the present investigation was to develop a high frequency clonal propagation through in vitro culture from non embryogenic tissue. Stem segment having one node inoculated in the MS media supplemented with different hormonal concentration and optimum shoot regeneration was obtained from BAP 0.5and NAA0.5 mg/l with glutamine fortified media. Glutamine with lesser concentration 20mg/l produced highest (24.81±0.74) multiplied shoots and enhancing up to 32 number of shoots in course of fifth sub culture without producing any callus. Glutamine plays an important role in shoot regeneration and early leaf drop. Among the several rooting experiment shoots with highest (64.74±0.87) percentage of well developed root system was observed within 8 weeks of culture in vermiculite of IBA 1.5 mg/l. Healthy rooted plants were established in the field condition after proper hardening.

Reference: Borpuzari, P. P. and J. Kachari (2018). “Effect of glutamine for high frequency In-vitro regeneration of Aquilaria malaccensis Lam. through nodal culture.” Journal of Medicinal Plants 6(2): 09-16.

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