The single greatest complaint about the field of natural health is the lack of solid, scientific evidence to substantiate its claims. This concern keeps natural health away from mainstream practices and prevents it from gaining widespread acceptance. 

We’re here to change that. 

FIW is launching a brand new nonprofit foundation for the sole purpose of advancing the field of natural health through high quality scientific research on herbs, essential oils, and dietary supplements. 

The FIW Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which exists to conduct and share clinical research about these natural products so that we can know more about the safety and efficacy of natural substances. While an abundance of chemical and laboratory research is available, very little actual clinical research has been conducted. Now is the time to advance to the next stage of research and discover how these substances work within the human body–not petri dishes, rats, or lab animals. 

How can you get involved? 

Action 1: Research conducted at FIWF will be funded through generous donors and corporate sponsors who are passionate about advancing the field of natural health. Help us spread the word.

Action 2: You can join as a personal, small business, or corporate sponsor to play a critical role in eliminating the barrier of insufficient scientific evidence in the field of natural health. Each contribution goes a long way in making this research possible and helps to change the future of natural health worldwide. 

Action 3: Join us in May: the first-annual FULLY ONLINE Research Symposium. This event is completely free to the public with a suggested donation. Register online today, then mark your calendars for May 17th to learn more about the innovation and discovery happening at the Franklin Institute of Wellness. 

The future of natural health has never looked so bright! By taking research out of the lab and advancing to the next level of scientific knowledge, the field is prepared to take leaps and bounds as a respected science. 

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