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In the vein of traceability EOPAA member, David Tongue of Integrity Testing, has embarked successfully in getting his Eucalyptus oil approved with Made in Australia status.  He has made the following comments to assist others to attain this labelling.

“Though quite straightforward I obtained the “Made in Australia” status, its requirements are quite specific and stringent.

  1. Initial application through the “Made in Australia” web site with some basic questions regarding your product and after possibly two weeks we had contact from them and more specific questions were raised.
  2. Questions raised were basically can we trace the products history, even going into the seed the plants were raised from.
  3. After qualifying that we raised and planted the trees we had to describe our harvesting methods, collection and storage of the oil, that the oil didn’t leave the plantation to another facility for further distillation, or being used in a blend of oils.
  4. They were quite strict as we did have discussions about the glass poison bottles that MUST be used for the sale of the oil, being from France, but after finding out that there weren’t any Australian producers we were awarded the “Made in Australian logo.”
  5. After payment of the annual fee of $165.00, they furnished us with all of the official signage to use on our products.

So in summary a relatively easy process as LONG as the oil is truly ALL Australian and you can prove the traceability, which seems to where the AITTA program with the tea tree oil industry is going. Finally our web sales have increased 3 fold since having the logo displayed on our products.”

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