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Alpha-santalol is a naturally occurring sesquiterpene that is derived from sandalwood oil. Its wide range of health benefits have been attributed to the modulation of various signalling pathways involved in the development of a particular disease. For example, the antitumour and cancer preventive properties of alpha-santalol have been shown to involve cell death induction through apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in various cancer models. A marked decrease in inflammatory markers have also been shown with alpha-santalol administration in skin tissue models. The current review is aimed at bringing the most recent advances of alpha-santalol against various disease-specific models and highlighting its associated mechanistic details.

Reference: Bommareddy, A., S. Brozena, J. Steigerwalt, T. Landis, S. Hughes, E. Mabry, A. Knopp, A. L. VanWert and C. Dwivedi (2019). “Medicinal properties of alpha-santalol, a naturally occurring constituent of sandalwood oil.” Natural product research 33(4): 527-543.

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