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The study aims to use a meta-analytical procedure to analyze the potential of essential oils (EO) in inhibiting the growth of pathogens in vitro using published data on an online database. The author accessed the online databases using search keywords, which are essential oils against phytopathogens and essential oils for fungicides to collect the article. The collected articles or sources were utilized to arrange the database. Twenty-nine studies were included to assess the inhibitory effect of EO on the growth of pathogenic mycelium in vitro. The collected data were analyzed statistically using a Continuous Random-Effects Model was used to ascertain a pooled effect estimate of EO treatment on mycelium inhibition. The analysis was performed using the Open Meta-analyst for Ecology and Evolution (Open MEE) software. Based on the literature review, EO in various types and concentrations can inhibit mycelium growth with standardized mean difference (SMD) = 48.734, 95% CI 45.613 to 51.855, p < 0.001. The results of the present study revealed the potential of EO to inhibit mycelium growth. The current meta-analysis also sets the steps for standardized experimental designs on the use of EO for bio fungicides trials in the future.

Akromah, Z. and A. Jayanegara (2021). Meta-analysis of essential oil effectiveness against phythopathogen in forest plant nurseries. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, IOP Publishing.

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