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Multidimensional gas chromatography (MDGC) is now established as a technique which can help resolve most of the co-elution problems presenting with conventional gas chromatography for highly complex samples. Essential oils (EOs) are often used in the optimisation and development of novel MDGC methods and related technologies, to demonstrate and assess performance. In this review, recent trends and technical developments in the optimisation of MDGC, modulation and system configuration, pertinent and applied to EO analysis, will be critically discussed. Optimisation of MDGC will be discussed with reference to different column configurations, modulation periods and detection. Attention is given to novel modulation systems, development of multiplex MDGC systems and new approaches which combine heart-cut and comprehensive modes within one system. A section of this review will be dedicated to the preparative application of the MDGC and its application in the isolation of less abundant compounds from complex EO matrices.

Reference: Lebanov, L., L. Tedone, M. Kaykhaii, M. R. Linford and B. Paull (2019). “Multidimensional gas chromatography in essential oil analysis. Part 1: Technical developments.” Chromatographia 82(1): 377-398.

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