Australia’s landscape offers extreme and varied growing conditions and hence a highly variable array of essential oil plant types. These extremes also impact on the design and installation considerations when establishing an essential oil distillation system. Further still, each property within the region can present a different set of circumstances in terms of resources, farm layouts, water availability existing production timetables and so on. How these differences impact production of the essential oil is a source of constant learning .

Ever tried getting a 2 tonne boiler into a distillation shed on the side of a hill? What about coordinating fuel and water supply for a mobile distillation system in a remote location? These are all aspects of distillation design that Native Oils Australia considers when designing, building and commissioning essential oil distillation systems for farmers in Australia and internationally.

Native Oils Australia design and build distillation systems that caters not only to the operating environment, but the plant species in the production system. Native Oils Australia considers the ambition to scale up with plantation growth, diversification in crop, movement from regeneration to mechanical harvest, and what you do with the end result.

If you’re considering starting a harvest, or are preparing for scaling up and you need direction and/or the equipment to do the job on your property be it separators, condensers, boilers, catch-tanks, recirculated water systems, or harvesting equipment, Native Oils Australia has experience in a wide range of plantation sizes, styles and provide in-house designed and built gear for the job at hand. Contact to start a conversation.

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