Essential Oil Applications|

The illimitable use of synthetic pesticides in agriculture resulted into serious environmental and health problems. In recent years, the application of essential oils and their bioactive compounds is gearing up rapidly as ‘green pesticides,” to limit the use of hazardous synthetic pesticides. Essential oil–based green pesticides are being established as an alternative to synthetic pesticides for the control of pre- and postharvest pests affecting agriculture-based food commodities. Consequently, many essential oils and their bioactive compounds have been researched worldwide for its strong bioactivities. Some compounds, such as 1,8-cineole and limonene, are the active ingredients of commercially available mosquito repellents, flea shampoos, and various insecticides. Phenol-rich essential oils are being used as food preservatives in food and flavor industries, while ascaridole is widely used as worm killer. This chapter highlights the role of essential oils and its compounds as a green approach and potential alternative to synthetic pesticides.

Reference: Saroj, A., O. V. Oriyomi, A. K. Nayak and S. Z. Haider (2020). Phytochemicals of Plant-Derived Essential Oils: A Novel Green Approach Against Pests. Natural Remedies for Pest, Disease and Weed Control, Elsevier: 65-79.

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