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In this comprehensive commentary, Australian essential oils and their components are listed and discussed in the context of their value to industry and aesthetics. The historic and cultural significance of endemic essential oils is explained. Several promising candidates are identified that have commercial potential and will enter the marketplace in the not-too-distant future. This text elaborates on the current progress in research, and explains the up-to-date view of ‘bioactive,’ with reference to insect repellence, antimicrobial activity, anti-inflammatory activity, and potential toxicity. The concept of chemotypes and chemophenetics is explained in detail to justify why chemically variable species in Australia require standardisation practices to ensure reproducibility of their derived natural products: standardisation practice includes cultivar development and authentication protocols. Thereafter, some of the more significant essential oils are defined and some background information provided. This review concludes with a comprehensive table of aromatic species that were studied by Joseph Brophy over the last 30 years, thereby providing the most comprehensive overview available, on the chemistry of Australian essential oil yielding species.

Sadgrove, N. J. (2022). “Purely Australian Essential Oils Past and Present: Chemical Diversity, Authenticity, Bioactivity, and Commercial Value.” Diversity 14(2): 124.

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