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N. glutinosa L. is a relatively less studied Nicotiana species (Solanaceae), although there are data about its importance as a model plant in viral control studies, as a gene donor in tobacco hybridization and as a source of agents with insecticidal or fungicidal effects. The biological activities of the species were associated mostly with the presence of leaf surface metabolites, in particular diterpenes and sucrose esters. The aim of this study was to identify the chemical composition of the essential oil (EO) and two aromatic extraction products (concrete and resinoid) obtained from N. glutinosa L. leaves. GC-MS analysis identified 26 components in the EO (representing 97.3% of total oil content), which contained mostly diterpene compounds with major components manool (14.2%), sclarene (8.4%) and manoyl oxide (8.1%). The number of compounds identified in the concrete was 37 (95.5% of the total content) and the major component was the diterpene alcohol sclareol (14.2%). In the resinoid, 30 volatile components (representing 95.1% of resinoid content) were identified, with major components nicotine (32.9%), α-tocopherol (8.2%), tridecanoin (6.9%), sclareol (6.9%), and solanone (6.9%). The group of bicyclic diterpenes had the largest share in the diterpene fraction of the products (57.3%, 91.7%, and 86.3%, respectively for the EO, concrete, and resinoid). Considering the abundance of sclareol in the aromatic products, the antimicrobial activity of the pure substance was determined. Sclareol was highly effective against a set of medicinally important yeasts; Candida albicans АТСС 10231, C. glabrata ATCC 90030, C. parapsilosis clinical isolate, and C. tropicalis NBIMCC 23, while being less effective against the studied Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Data from the study on N. glutinosa aromatic products composition may be of interest to the aroma industries for their possible use in perfumery and cosmetics.

Reference: Popova, V., et al. (2020). “Terpenoids in the Essential Oil and Concentrated Aromatic Products Obtained from Nicotiana glutinosa L. Leaves.” Molecules 25(1): 30

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