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The first complete chloroplast genome (cpDNA) sequence of Santalum album was determined from Illumina HiSeq pair-end sequencing data in this study. The cpDNA is 144,101 bp in length, contains a large single copy region (LSC) of 83,796 bp and a small single copy region (SSC) of 11,277 bp, which were separated by a pair of inverted repeats (IR) regions of 24,514 bp. The genome contains 123 genes, including 80 protein-coding genes, 8 ribosomal RNA genes, and 35 transfer RNA genes. The overall GC content of the whole genome is 38.0%, and the corresponding values of the LSC, SSC, and IR regions are 35.9%, 31.4%, and 43.1%, respectively. Further phylogenomic analysis showed that S. album and Osyris alba clustered in a clade in Santalales order.

Reference: Yang, D., Q. Qiu, L. Xu, Y. Xu and Y. Wang (2020). “The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Santalum album.” Mitochondrial DNA Part B 5(1): 406-407.

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