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The extraction of eucalyptus essential oil has been widely carried out with a variety of fairly modern tools and machines, but most of them still use conventional heating methods. The water distillation method for extracting eucalyptus leaves essential oil has been tried using a microwave but is still constrained by the limited penetration of microwaves in the material. To overcome the drawbacks of the extraction method, it is necessary to design a method of extracting eucalyptus leaves essential oil by using ohmic heated hydro distillation with this method, heat will be generated from the material so that it can reduce energy use during the extraction process. This study aims to design and test the performance of ohmic heated hydro distillation for the extraction of eucalyptus leaves essential oil. The method used in this research starts from functional and structural design, component manufacturing, assembly and performance testing of ohmic heated hydro distillation. The design results obtained the dimensions of ohmic heated hydro distillation from the central 304 stainless steel electrode with a length of 50 cm and a diameter of 1 cm. The electrically isolated outermost cylinder functions as a negative electrode with a diameter of 34 cm and a height of 55 cm. The electrodes are connected to a PLN power source with 5 kVA power. The distillation unit is then connected to the condenser of stainless steel 304. The test results obtained a distillation rate of 0.0007 kg per hour with a yield of 0.28%

Saleh, A., et al. (2021). The design and build of ohmic heated hydro distillation for the essential oil extraction of eucalyptus leaves. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, IOP Publishing.


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